I’ve listed some of the more frequent questions I get on social media.

  • What materials are you using?
    I’ve listed all the materials I’m using in my videos over on the ‘flash painters toolbox‘-page.
  • How do you mix your skin tone?
    I don’t have the exact formula for my skin tone, as I mixed it years ago. If you want to mix your own, I recommend adding red, yellow, and a small amount of blue, and it should get you close. Experiment and see what you can find.
  • Will you ship overseas, and what’s the cost of shipping?
    I send my products to the whole world at a flat rate of $6,5 but due to Covid-19, some countries will be charged a little extra due to the low amount of airplanes in the sky.
  • What are you using to stain your flash?
    I used to use regular Swedish Coffee (a bit stronger than everywhere else on the planet) but recently switched to using a drop of ‘Burnt Umber’ from FW acrylic in a bowl of water.

If you want answers to questions that are not listed here, don’t hesitate to contact me on social media or on e-mail.