Wondering what materials I’m using when I paint my tattoo flash?
You’re not alone so, I decided to compile a list below with all the products.

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Since 2019, I have used this paper due to its smooth surface, which gives increased life to my markers. I find that a rougher paper structure wears more on the tip of the pen.

Stencil Stories

150 pages filled with tattoo stencils custom-made for my clients combined with some real photos of the actual tattoos.

The book that will guarantee inspiration and value for a long time a head.


I’ve totally fallen in love with lining up my tattoo flash using nibs and Indian Ink.

After trying out a couple of brands I can say that Speedball are the one you should be looking for.

I use Speedball B5 for all my recent flash.

As the name sugests. This marker is Super. A great marker for that bold traditional lines. Not for small detailed designs.

After using it for years, this marker is good for large and medium-sized designs. Unlike a traditional marker with a pointed tip, this has a superior life span with its evenly thick felt tip. Its black color goes well together with Talens Indian Ink.

With a thinner line width, this marker is excellent for pinups, ships, and other detailed designs. Unlike other pens, this doesn’t flow into the paper but sets on top of the surface.

The Flash Book

My best designs published in a flash book containing over 40 pages of traditional tattoo designs. Made for reference and as inspiration.

Including Girls, Skulls, Daggers, Eagles and tons of other designs that should not be missed.


What I’ve found after testing different brushes is that a synthetic watercolor brush is what helps you create great-looking spitshades. Size number 4 and number 6 are all that is needed.

Black Ink

A great choice for all your blacks. Works well together with Steel Nibs and dries into a smooth matte finish. This is what I personally use for all my latest flash.

An affordable ink sold in a large bottle that will last a lifetime. The black color becomes matte when dried and works well with the Copic Multi Liner marker.

Colored pencils

For a while, I did all my black shades with color pencils. Today I mostly use ink and watercolors, but there are a lot of people enjoying the feel of a traditional pencil. These are the best in the market if you wanna try it out.


My first choice when it comes to colors. A concentrated and vibrant watercolor. These are among the more expensive on the market. 56 colors divided into 3 sets makes it difficult to know which set to start with but they can be bought as single bottles. 5A Scarlet, 26B Golden Brown, and 55D Tiger Yellow are colors I’ve been fond of.

The first liquid watercolor I started using. A cheaper alternative to Dr. Ph. Martins but still a very good choice. I still use some of these colors today.

Cyanotype (Blueprint Tattoo Flash)

I’ve been experimenting with Cyanotype Flash like Percy Waters and I’ve found this kit to be the easiest with the best quality output.
If you want to know more about this, check out my video on my YouTube-channel.

Hope you found products that can help you take your painting to the next level. If you have any tips on products that you think I should test out, do not hesitate to send me a email.